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East End Tours provides the number 1 tours for London’s most infamous quarter. Explore a side of London that always goes unseen; best of all, a London that you won’t find in any guidebook! The home of Jack the Ripper, the Gangster Kray twins, Street art, Culture, Style and Infamous Legends. Funny, shocking in places and most of all, captivating, our tour guides ensure all of our tours are led with passion and precision.


The Jack the Ripper Tour

The tale of Jack the Ripper is shrouded in mystery and the heinous crimes have gone down in history. Our tour incorporates…


The Kray Twins Gangster Tour

Join us as we go in search of London’s most notorious gangsters, Ronnie and Reggie Kray. This unique walking…


Street Art Tour of Bricklane

On this Street Art London Tour you will be able to see some of the greatest pieces of street art in the area and then hear…


The Jack the Ripper Pub Tour

Escape the usual tourist trap of well known landmarks and come with us to explore the shadows and brooding…


Heroes & Villains of the East End

A guided tour around Brick laneSpitalfields and Whitechapel exploring the infamous villains and legendary…


The London Ghost Walk

Dare you walk the streets of Haunted London? As darkness falls upon the capital, why not join us as we weave our…

Our London walking tours explore the very heart of London’s vibrant East End.


Created by crime enthusiasts and members of the H Division Crime Club UK, East End Tours was originally set up to explore and investigate the darker side of London. From the crimes of Jack the Ripper to the gangster wars of the notorious Kray Twins. From bodysnatchers to infamous East End murders.

We have now expanded to include the fantastic street art of Brick lane, the cultural history of Spitalfields and the trendy life in the Shoreditch area. Making our tours the number one choice when taking a walk on the East Side.

  • The Kray Twins Gangster Tour
  • Street Art Tour of Bricklane & Spitalfields
  • The Jack the Ripper Pub Tour
  • London Ghost Walk (Coming soon…)
  • Heros & villains of East London