More than five million journeys are made on the London Underground each day – a high figure, but one which may not come as much of a surprise. Of course, the tube is famous around the world and each station has its own unique quirks, facts and stories. East End Tours can teach you everything there is to know about the area, however, how much do you know about the capital’s tube system?

There are over 200 stations on the Underground network, so we’ve narrowed things down to focus solely on our own little patch of the capital. Here are our top 10 facts about the London Underground in the East End.

  1. Many of the city’s Underground stations were once used as air raid shelters; one of the most notable was Bethnal Green Station
  2. According to research, the average speed of the underground is 20.5 miles per hour. This figure also includes any station stops along the route
  3. When the plague hit London, thousands of people died, but with so many dead they had to find a place to put the bodies. Many were buried underground and in fact, Aldgate Station was built on top of a plague pit that holds the remains of 1,000 people
  4. The London Underground is said to be only the 11th busiest metro line in the world. The busiest is Tokyo Subway in Japan
  5. The war’s worst civilian disaster happened at Bethnal Green Tube Station in 1943 when 173 people died in a crush triggered by the threat of an air raid
  6. Bethnal Green is also one of only five stations with no surface buildings along the central line
  7. At 3.6%, Bow Road Station in the East End has the steepest gradient on the entire Underground network
  8. Mile End earned its name as it sits exactly one mile away from the Eastern boundary of London city
  9. At Whitechapel Station, the Underground runs above the Overground – this is the only area where this happens
  10. Unsurprisingly, Bethnal Green is said to be one of the most haunted Underground stations in London. However, there other haunted tube stations

Are you feeling a little more clued up about the London Underground? Of course, some facts are fun and others may be a little surprising or even scary, but they are all an essential part of the rich, diverse history of London and the East End.

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