The inexplicable tales of ghosts and ghouls never fail to send shivers down our spines and amongst the myriad of paranormal legends, there are a few supernatural entities that have been famed for their presence. Let’s take a look at just 3 of the most famous ghosts and their stories.

Kate Morgan

In 1892, Kate Morgan checked into the Hotel del Coronado and reportedly fell ill during the time she spent at the hotel. Soon after it was thought that she had intentionally overdosed on quinine to try and induce miscarriage. On November the 29th she was found dead near the beach and it was quickly assumed she had committed suicide due to a gun being found not too far away from her body and a bullet hole in her temple. Since her death, many people have reported strange happenings at the hotel including flickering lights, odd noises and some even claim to have seen a ghostly woman clothed in Victorian attire walking around the halls.

The Brown Lady

The photograph of what we assume to be the brown lady is possibly one of the most renowned pieces of ‘evidence’ of ghosts in the world and the paranormal activities associated with this ghost are equally intriguing. In 1796, Lady Dorothy Walpole passed away under what is said to be mysterious circumstances. Following her death, strange sightings and occurrences started being reported; perhaps a main reason why people believe that it could be the ghost of this Lady. One of the most notable sighting accounts is from Major Loftus, a guest at the Raynham Hall. During 1849, Major Loftus and his friend, Hawkins, reported that they had witnessed a woman dressed in brown brocade vanish as Major Loftus walked towards her. Apparently, the next night he swallowed his fears and again returned to the spot where he had first seen her in order to confront the ghost. He saw the apparition again but this time noticed that the face bore only two black sockets where the figures eyes should have been.


According to folklore, Chloe worked as a slave for the Myrtles in Louisiana however, had a particularly bad habit of listening through the keyholes to the families residents. One day, she was caught and the master of the home decided to chop off one of her ears as punishment. He then forced Chloe to always wear a green scarf to cover up what he had done. To get back at the master of the house, Chloe baked a poisonous cake, using oleander leaves however, while her intention was to poison and murder the master of the house, his wife and two daughters became victims to her sinister plot. They grew gravely ill and sadly passed away a few days later. Chloe then fled the property and was later lynched by field slaves who worked on the plantation.

While there is no sustainable evidence to support this legend apart from a mysterious black and white photograph, the Myrtles bread and breakfast plays host to a number of other ghoulish figures including a young girl who can be seen in a mirror and another who frequently chants voodoo to curse anyone who sleeps in her room.

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