Guided London Tours are meant to be taken in large groups. This adds to the level of excitement and gives the tour a little bit more kick. People who have taken guided tours in large groups will attest to that. Today’s post will focus on group tours; particularly large scale groups such as school tours. Nothing can match the energy or excitement of a school group, especially if the tour is about something they are already very curious about.

Listed below are some amazing guided tours that are great for groups.

The Ripper Tour

The tour of choice amongst virtually all types of groups, the Jack the Ripper Walking Tour is regarded as one of the top tours in the United Kingdom. It has a very strong fan base that expands every year. The Ripper tour has everything. Suspense, drama, history, flare. The tour entails a walk through the streets of Whitechapel and revisits the locations of the Ripper murders. The tour guides themselves are dedicated Ripper enthusiasts who possess a fascinating amount of knowledge regarding virtually every detail regarding the Ripper saga.

The Ghost Walk Tour

We haven’t met a school group that didn’t want to take the Ghost Walk tour. It’s the most popular tour among children. The Ghost Walk of London offers a truly unique and exhilarating experience for the audience. You will hear ghostly tales dredged from a dark phase in London’s history. You’ll visit haunted buildings and places where ghostly encounters have been reported. As you continue your tour, you may even get a chance to capture a ghostly apparition. This tour is non-stop fun for everyone and is one tour you will never forget.

Brick Lane Tour

Our Brick Lane Tour is the perfect chance to explore areas of London you may otherwise not get an opportunity to wander around. When you pass by the Edwardian houses, you will feel how the old infrastructure has been shying away from the hustle and bustle of London. It is also delightful to know that the Brick Lane that comes alive every morning quietly wraps itself up in some of the local pubs over a pint of lager. This includes The Ten Bells, famous as a drinking spot used by Jack the Ripper.

These are three extremely popular tours for large groups. The first two already enjoy a huge fan base due to their unique appeal. The Brick Lane tour is more for people who appreciate art, and it’s never too early for kids to get started on that. If you have put together a group and are debating how to spend your weekend in London, the above three choices will offer an amazing experience and the best part is that they don’t cost much. Most tours cost less than £10 per person and groups usually get a big discount.

So look no further if you are searching for a few hours of good entertainment before you unwind for the evening. Be sure to check with us regarding times and rates. Find out more information here on our London tours.