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With countless ghost stories and experiences circulating the globe in rumour and classic campfire gossip, it’s inevitable for a handful of experiences to be conducted to test for any feasible signs for some form of ‘afterlife’. While there are numerous concepts and theories of what life after death could bestow, there is no solid evidence to suggest that these theories are true; the same as there’s no evidence to say that they’re false. In the end, it pretty much just comes down to judgement and I wonder if the following results will alter your perceptions.

Do we have a soul?

Dr. Duncan MacDougall of Haverhill, MA established a bed that would weigh patients as they took their last breath. In 1907, he used six terminal patients and tested for any significant change in weight. According to Listverse, the results revealed that the patients lost roughly 21.3 grams. Interestingly, MacDougall did the same experiment on dogs and found that there was no change in weight. From the results, he concluded, “the human soul has weight and that dog’s do not have souls.”

However, suspicions arose as in his journal he wrote that he could not find dogs that were dying of natural causes which lead people to believe he had poisoned them.

Is reincarnation a reality?

In 1983, Psychologist Peter Ramster created a documentary named “The Reincarnation Experiments” and had some quite interesting results during his experiments. An individual, who was featured in the film, could recite life during the French Revolution. She was put under a trance and spoke in French and knew the streets well which are now different to how they were back then. Nowadays, the old streets are only discoverable on dated maps.

Many people believe in reincarnation and General George S. Patton was a firm believer. He frequently claimed that he was a reincarnation of General Hannibal and said he had seen vivid visions of his departed ancestors.

Secret Code

Now, this isn’t technically an experiment however, it is interesting nonetheless. During his lifetime, Harry Houdini would expose a fair few mediums as nothing more than frauds however, despite his side-line of work; Houdini feared that genuine spiritualists would pretend to contact him after his passing so he left his wife a code. The code consisted of ten words that were chosen (at random) from Conan Doyle’s letter; the idea was that he would use these words to contact her. On 31st of October, 1926 Houdini passed away and a close friend of Doyle, who had wrote the letter to Houdini, Arthur Ford, claimed that he had managed to contact Houdini’s deceased mother and the celebrity himself. Ford said that the message Houdini and his wife had received was in a pre-arranged code that the two had worked out.

However, many shrug off this ‘rumour’ as they believe that Ford and Doyle made a deal with Houdini’s wife to help him create the impression he had successfully managed to contact his spirit.

These are just 3 ‘life after death’ experiments.

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