Most of us associate paranormal entities with vengeful and frightening beings, however, throughout history there have been a few notable examples of ghosts helping people in different areas of their life and, in some cases, bringing others to justice. Let’s take a look at just 3 odd paranormal experiences people have been through.

The Greenbrier Ghost

In 1897, Zona Heaster Sehue sadly passed away at only 23-years-old under ‘mysterious circumstances’ in her home. However, strangely, when the doctor arrived at her home in West Virginia, her body had been moved from downstairs to the bed and it was thought that her husband had dressed her. Though her husband became withdrawn and defensive following his wife’s untimely demise, the cause of death was declared to be heart failure no-one ever suspected he might be the murderer.

Weeks following her daughter’s death, Zona’s mother, Mary Jane Heaster, visited the local prosecutor and asked them if her daughter’s body could be exhumed. This visit was allegedly based on the fact that Zona’s ghost had been visiting her mother. Mary said that the ghost had told her that her husband was abusive and had actually broken her neck during a fit of rage through strangulation. Following the mother’s visit to the prosecutor, the authorities agreed to exhume Zona’s body. Following an autopsy, it was revealed that her neck had in fact been broken and her husband was later arrested and charged. While Mary’s claim that Zona’s ghost had revealed the truth was thought to be fairly thin, apparently her story and the fact that she never changed her story were convincing enough for her husband to be charged. He was said to have received a life sentence though died 3 years later.

The Grey Man

Pawley’s Island has become renowned for a spirit known as the grey man who is said to have saved the lives of a number of people over the centuries. Since 1822, many legends have arose as to the identity of the grey man and rumour has it that a young man sadly passed away on the way to propose to his lover after he got caught in quicksand.

According to folklore, the grey man will show himself to you before a hurricane destroys the area and rumours tell that if you happen to see or encounter the grey man, your life will be spared. Over the years, many witnesses have stated that the mysterious grey man warned them to vacate the area before a hurricane. Interestingly, following the hurricane witnesses claim to have returned to the area, finding that their homes had been completely untouched. Perhaps the most intriguing tale of the grey man was in 1989 when an elderly couple said that they had walked past the grey man just outside of their beach home. Not too long after the grey man’s appearance a hurricane destroyed most of the area. Interestingly, despite the fact that the homes surrounding the residence of the couple were completely wrecked, the couple’s home remained unharmed.

The Hammersmith Ghost

Perhaps not so much like the other ghosts mentioned in this article, this story is intriguing nonetheless. In 1804, a man named Francis Smith was arrested after he shot dead a bricklayer. While this may sound like your average murder tale, the fact that Smith mistook Thomas Millwood, the victim, for a ghost gets all the more interesting when you take into account the occurrences prior to the shooting. Smith originally claimed that Millwood’s white clothing misled him to think he was a ghost and at the time Hammersmith was rumoured to be plagued by a number of ghostly sightings. A pregnant woman even said she had been attacked and sadly passed away two days later.

After the attack, armed vigilantes started a search for the alleged ghost and Smith was part of the team. However, as people were still terrified of the apparition following the shooting, the community wondered whether or not Smith should actually be charged with murder, but in the end he was prosecuted with wilful murder. During the trial, witnesses testified saying that Millwood’s attire had scared others who thought he was a ghost and the jury decided that he should be convicted of manslaughter. However, the judge later overruled this verdict and demanded that they decide whether he was guilty of murder or not. The jury then found him guilty of murder and initially he was going to receive the death sentence until Smith was granted a royal pardon. His sentence was then shortened to just a year of hard labour. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this story is that following the tragic events that took place at Hammersmith, the ghost was never seen again.

These are just 3 of the strangest tales of paranormal activity.

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