Are you a sociable sort that loves to learn a bit about history? Well ladies and gentlemen; I give you the East End Pub Tour.

This famous East End Pub Tour allows you to escape from all of the usual pub crawl traditions and flirt with well-known landmarks of the old East End. You will be able to visit all of the best pubs in the area including the most famous one of all, ‘The Ten Bells’. This is known for its hauntings and remembrance of Jack The Ripper.

By still maintaining the solace and delight that every English pub should, this will be the perfect way to enjoy a drink and learn a bit about our pastimes in the process. Some are hidden away in dark alleys too which adds to the whole experience. This is where this tour differs to any other of its kind because instead of just walking past one of these landmark pubs, we actually go in and enjoy a drink at each one.

Here we highlight a few of the places you’ll see on this tour:

  • The White Hart Pub – One of the Jack the Ripper suspects worked here, but luckily for us, he was hung in 1901.
  • The Bell Pub – A relaxing pub with candle lit tables and rooms.
  • The Duke Of Wellington – This has a hidden view from Spitalfields and is a real local pub full of local people.
  • The Princess Alice – A charming corner pub full of character and quirkiness, with some history to it too. East End character, Leather Apron, loved drinking here.
  • Brick Lane – Ending with some of the best food in all of London, let alone the East End. Great discounts by being on our tour too.

This tour takes place on Friday and Saturday from 7pm at Exit 3 Aldgate East Station. It costs £7 per head and we will be finishing next to the Spitalfields market, just a couple of minutes’ walk away from Liverpool Station.

We look forward to seeing you!