At this time of year, there are always a handful of people that make the process of buying Christmas gifts a lot more difficult. On the one hand, you get to sit and browse gift ideas online with a festive beverage in hand, but on the other, you have to really think long and hard about what would make the perfect gift.

If you know someone like this, then we might just be able to help. For the person who always requests cash instead of presents or the person who is super hard to buy for, why not give the gift of quality time together this year?

The Perfect Weekend Away

What constitutes the perfect weekend away will differ greatly from person to person, but one thing remains true for all – the experience revolves around making memories. And one of the best ways to make memories that will create the perfect anecdote is to choose your activities wisely.

The location, the duration, even the hotel you stay at are completely subjective and down to personal tastes and preferences so we’ll let you make that call yourself. But the activities – this is where we come in.

For the person that is a little offbeat or has interests that are slightly more leftfield, our range of the finest walking tours that the East End of London has to offer might be just what you need to transform your weekend into the perfect weekend away.

Choosing Your Tour

We specialise in bringing the wonders of the East End of London to life through our series of walking tours. Whether you or your loved ones have interests as niche as the infamous Jack the Ripper case or the murderous Kray Twins or you simply want to indulge in some of the fantastic street art that is hidden away in the bustling East End streets, you can do all that and more with us.

If you’re fascinated by political history or want to get to know the villains of the East End in more detail, we’ve got you covered.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our incredible tour guides are not just experts in their chosen fields, they are also full to the brim of knowledge about the local area which means that we are able to offer personalised private tours, too. What’s more, each of our private tours come with exclusive discounts for some of the most popular restaurants on Brick Lane. What more could you want to round off your perfect weekend away?

Christmas Gifts You Can’t Wrap Up

Step away from buying for the sake of buying this year and instead, look towards spending some quality time with your loved ones – indulging in memories to be treasured.