There is a time in every parent’s life when they wonder if their kids are just getting a bit too old for Easter Eggs now. This is when you, as a parent, decide what to do to celebrate Easter without getting them an Easter Egg that gets thrown in their room and never seen again.

Maybe this is when you should consider taking the kids out for the day; take them along to a tour in London. East End Tours offer tours around the ‘East End that nobody knows’ and for not much more than the price of an Easter egg!

You could book the family onto a Street Art London Tour where you can get to see the most modern and highest quality street art in the East End of London, including some of the very famous work of Banksy.

Maybe your family would prefer to go on the Brick Lane Tour where you can discover part of the East End that can not be found in tour books, you will be taken to the pub where Jack the Ripper drank and planned the next murder, you will be taken to cafes and bars you would not normally have found and you can view exquisite Edwardian Houses by taking a trip down a few short alleys.

If you are looking for something different to do this Easter then why not book for you and your family to go on an East End Walk?