Lego is pretty the epitome of childhood; as adults, we now see Lego as something of a mini minefield that must be traversed when trying to cross the room. But, when we were kids the world was our oyster and we could create anything from a simple playhouse to a full-on Jedi star ship!

The feeling of achievement you used to get when you finally put the finishing touches on your favourite ever Lego construction was unparalleled and you felt like the luckiest kid alive to receive a kit on your birthday or as a special Christmas present in your stocking.

Nowadays, you’ll find all manner of tutorials showing you how to build anything and everything depending on whatever takes your fancy. From special Harry Potter Lego kits to the classic construction sets and everything in-between, Lego is a wonderful pass-time that both adults and children can enjoy.

Having being around since before the 1940’s, Lego has seemingly immortalised itself as a timeless toy – which we believe will never outgrow its popularity and the best part? You can create anything out of Lego! You can re-enact your favourite lord of the rings scene with a miniature Aragorn and Legolas or your all-time favourite artworks, which is exactly what this clever individual has done.

Despite being shrouded in mystery himself, Banksy’s artwork is renowned for its timeless style and taste that attracts visitor’s all-year-round from all over the globe. Not only is his artwork world-famous, but it also speaks volumes to those who come to bask in its glory, so it’s no wonder that someone had the idea of combining two of the world’s favourite things; art and of course, Lego!

This link shows a few of Banksy’s most famous artworks that have been recreated using nothing but Lego and clever angles including ‘The Girl With The Balloon’, ‘Kissing Coppers’ and his ‘Old Skool’ portrait.

The Lego scenes were created by Jeff Friesen, a well-known and acclaimed photographer. According to his site, Friesen’s artwork has been featured in many reputable online sources including Wired, The Huffington Post, Trendhunter and Buzzfeed.

The site also goes on to say that his artwork begins as a personal project and some are worked on for many years before being released and publicised.

Friesen’s comic yet brilliant approach is truly a sight to see, some of which have been altered according to his own imagination, adding a touch of his own style and perception all at the same time.

As a challenge, we would like you to recreate a famous artwork from the East End and share it with us here at East End Tours!

If you’d like to see Banksy’s renowned East End artwork in person, please join us on one of our street art London tours! We will provide you with a greater insight into the history behind the works that you will see and the street art culture today. It’s a wonderful day out for all the family and reveals a host of incredible artworks that have to be seen to be believed!