Many people know of Bansky as a street artist but still, no one knows his true identity. Banksy’s artwork is often spotted around the globe as he continues to create controversial messages.

Some people appreciate them, other’s not so much, and this is exactly what he is finding during his month-long residency in the big apple.

Banksy has created two pieces since being in New York City and both have been removed or vandalised. The first piece is of two young boys wearing caps, trying to reach for a spray can out of a sign that reads ‘Graffiti Is A Crime’. The second piece consists of words that say: ‘This is my New York accent – normally I write like this’. Both are very comical pieces but clearly not to those in New York.

The first piece was covered by white paint to hide the two boys in caps. The second was graffiti’d over with black spray paint which makes the previous message unreadable.

One thing you will find during our Street Art London Tour is that the local people appreciate his skills so they leave his work for people like you to come and visit.

We’re sure Banksy will continue to cause a stir whilst over in New York, but when he feels it’s time to come home, we will welcome him with open arms.

To see some of his work in person, join us on one of our Street Art London Tours. You won’t be disappointed!