beauty behind street artThe street art London tour is famous for its astonishing art work in the East End of London, where street artists will paint their voices onto brick walls and express their deepest thoughts through the meaning of style and colour.

Street art is a unique and exceptionally clever type which enables the creator to engage with any audience in any way the viewer chooses.

Unlike the conventional artists, street artists tend to voice their paintings in a way that has a million and one interpretations as opposed to classic scenic art pieces that really only appear to have one meaning.

With art pieces, there is no clear answer to what the perception of the artist was or is.

This is also one of the cleverest features about a street art piece, that it leaves the viewer’s mind open for their own personal interpretation. This makes the art piece especially meaningful as it becomes personal to each individual.

A street art painting can portray a million thoughts and touch many hearts all at once.

Or alternatively, a piece could mean absolutely nothing to some, that’s the beauty of art, it can mean nothing to a select group of millions of people but to one individual it means a great deal.

Likewise, people often debate between whether street art is a form of art or not and because of this debate, people have a habit of not appreciating this fantastic form of art.

The definition of art is actually ‘The expression of human creative skill and imagination’, despite whether people can take something personally from the painting or not, street art is still a distinct form of art.

So, whether it’s politics or hope that it portrays to you, that’s the beauty behind street art. Should you happen to find yourself in the East End of London one day, make sure you take one of our street art London tours and find out what it’s all about yourself.