Reggie Kray & Frances Shea

According to the Independent, a diary that belonged to Reggie Kray’s late wife, Frances Shea, has revealed that he “slept with an armoury of weapons by his bedside.”

Shea sadly passed away following an overdose at aged 24 and was married to Reggie Kray for two years. She met Kray when she was only 16 and in 1965 when she was aged 22, the pair got married. The five-page diary talks about Shea’s difficulties of living with her husband at the time.

She wrote, “He came back night time. By the side of bed gun, sword, knife, chopper, flick-knife.”

“He used to sleep with flick-knife under his pillow”

60 letters that had been written by Kray and addressed to Shea were also discovered. The letters dates back to before the two were married and were sent during his time in prison. The letters are said to be written in a light, chatty tone at first “before fast becoming controlling and aggressive.”

In one letter, Kray described Shea as a “spiteful little tormentor” after she “humiliated him by going dancing with her friends.”

Shea’s diary also explains how she felt isolated during her life spent at the couple’s flat and said that she was “repeatedly being subjected to his swearing and drunken, abusive behaviour.”

She wrote, “Reggie came in late every night drunk. Got up every morning, two minutes to dress, left me all day came back late at night drunk.”

“Went to his house – his brother walked in bedroom in underwear, swore at me.”

“Went back to flat Marble Arch, came back night time.”

Shea eventually complained to her brother about the gun collection only to be subjected to more verbal abuse; the stash was said to have been taken away. After a while, Shea was “admitted to hospital for some rest.”

“Him and his friend took me to the hospital; he was swearing and shouting at me in the car.”

“Couldn’t stand it any more – left him. When I was packing my suitcases to leave he told me he would bring up fictitious characters against me.” She wrote.

Eventually, following a “fatal drug overdose”, Shea passed away in 1967.

Though her body was buried in the family plot of the Kray twins, her family attempted to have her buried somewhere else with her maiden name (Shea).

Auctioneers Gorringes of Lewes, Jane Anderson, commented, “They had an unhappy marriage and it seems someone told Frances to write down incidents while she was trying to divorce Reggie. It seems life with him was impossible. She spent most of her time alone in their flat and when he was there he was often drunk and he slept in a bed with various weaponry.”

“When he was in prison, it was safe for her to have a relationship with him, but on the outside she was way out of her depth and was very frightened of Reggie, as anyone would have been.”

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