As you will all know, black history month is an increasingly popular and important time of year as it gives us the chance to reflect back on all the fantastic things that they have brought to the United Kingdom over the years.

Black history month begins on Tuesday, October the 1st and ends on Thursday, October the 31st however we should always spend our time respecting and appreciating the wonderful culture, beliefs and arts that black people have brought to our country. In celebration of black history month, now is the perfect time to get involved in one of the many history walks available for booking the black history walks website.

There are a variety of excellent black history walks in London including walks in Trafalgar Square and Notting Hill that will open your eyes to a whole new side of black culture from all different walks of life and famous black history that will stay with you forever.

As a tour company ourselves we are proud to announce that the company black history walks has kindly mentioned East End Tours on their website in the resources section of the site. This is a massive privilege for us as a company and we hope to see the general public enjoying black history month to the full.