London’s Brick Lane in the East End is world renowned for being a flea market of astounding diversity.

The wares range from every day bric-a-brac to exotic food with everything in between and the market itself spills across a number of streets drawing in people from all over London and further afield. If you’re daring you can haggle with a host of market stall owners for some ludicrous deals.

Brick Lane is also lauded as the being the strong hold of Indian cuisine with a wealth of restaurants, stalls and vendors plying their delicious trade to visitors to this culturally diverse area of London. As a rule, eat where the locals eat, they know what’s good and what’s not. Come for the food, stay for the banter.

But if Indian food isn’t to your taste fret not, Brick Lane plays host to fooderies serving grub from all over the world. A little exploring will certainly reveal something more to your liking.

Alongside the eateries are a string of reputable and infamous pubs and clubs where you can stop to refresh yourself with a well-deserved pint or two. Afterwards you can carry on to the nearby Columbia Road flower market, Spitalfields market and Petticoat Lane market to make a day of it. Why not take part in a Brick Lane Tour to really see all that there is to see in this vibrant part of the capital?