If you’re looking for a fantastic day out on one of our many East End Tour opportunities, then why not take a wander down the fascinating Brick Lane on one of our Brick Lane tours?

Brick Lane is the perfect opportunity to uncover some real East End London culture and witness some of the UK’s best street art produced by pseudonym street artists such as Banksy and D*Face. Not only this, the streets are bursting with fame as they have previously appeared in many music videos for artists such as Just Jack and The Killers.

As the area is thriving with a variety of markets, shops and popular restaurants it makes it the perfect place to visit as a family, as a couple searching for a romantic spark or even just on your own to enjoy the pleasant opportunities that Brick Lane has to offer alongside a colourful history diving into the cultural and historical value that the area withholds.

For those of you who love to indulge in beautiful ethnic goods or who enjoy rummaging for first-rate second hand wares then the Brick Lane market is the place to be. Increasingly popular on a Sunday, this market twists the very definition of traditional street markets by enhancing its lively, vibrant atmosphere with performers equipped with cultural instruments such as African drums and bagpipes.

Not only is Brick Lane bursting with entertainment, it is also a bustling, active artistic hub which widely attracts those who are in search of unusual clothing and cheap second-hand furniture. Following their market experience, many of them treat themselves to a lunch in one of the many brilliant restaurants situated on Brick Lane, all of which offer fantastic food at incredibly low prices.

However, the absolute best thing about this particular market is that you never know what you’ll find and trust us; you’re almost guaranteed to have a great surprise! From kitsch collectibles to gorgeous silks and tasteful, authentic art work the Brick Lane market is the perfect start to a new you.

Visit Brick Lane today on our exclusive Brick Lane Tour.