Banksy has always been one of London’s best known street artists and many Street Art London Tours take tourists on walks around London to see the amazing works of street art that Banksy has produced over the years. However, it seems there is a new artist around who is taking a smaller, but more colourful approach to the concept of street art.

Tourists that recently went on a Street Art London Tour were surprised to see such detailed work classed as street art. Banksy is famous for creating stencils and getting his work done quickly, but this new artist, known only as mORGANICo, seems to be creating much more detailed, colourful and time-consuming work which is very hard to miss. So much so, ‘mORGANICo’ seems to be a new favourite of street art London fans.

mORGANICo is very similar to Banksy in the way that they both hide their real names and always hide behind their ‘street art name’ at all times. However, some have classed mORGANICo as a more intelligent street artist with some of his work depicting local landmarks and iconic pieces of literature.

In comparison, Banksy comes across as a very politically intelligent figure in his works of art.

Whereas the work by Banksy covered whole walls and sides of buildings, the work by mORGANICo tends to be more for smaller electricity boxes and phone boxes. Banksy has always been proud of working alone, but mORGANICo seems happier to share the work and another street artist called Steven Ball has been heavily involved in the street art of mORGANICo.

Work from the popular street artists is amazing in their own right, but to decide whose street art is the best is really a personal opinion. Why not check out the competition yourself with East End Walks tour of the street art in London?