Here at East End Tours we can safely say that we know our ghosts. On our London ghost tours we will take you to some of the most haunted places in the capital, many with resident ghosts who have been known to torment and interrupt tour guides and attendees alike!

However, though there are locations that have unique apparitions there are a number of common ghostly occurrences that can be found not just in London, but also in haunted locations across the globe.


Even those with only a fleeting interest in the supernatural will have heard of orbs. Also known as ghost lights and balls of light, they are perhaps the most commonly photographed anomalies and as their name suggests, they usually manifest as a floating ball, usually in ones or twos but sometimes as whole clusters. Orbs tend to behave erratically, but have been known to loiter in particular spots for hours at a time. In addition, they have been documented in just about every possible location, though they tend to be spotted in grave yards and historical buildings. Though theories abound as to their true nature, experts and enthusiasts agree that the presence of orbs is highly indicative of a haunting.

Dark Entities

When photographed they often appear as unexplained shadows or patches of darkness and are among the most sinister looking anomalies. Ghost hunters regularly report seeing these ghosts flitting around at the edge of peripheral vision and darting between doorways. Elusive and evasive, these spirits have also been known to hide out in mirrors and vanish as soon as they are spotted. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes but are often no bigger than a few feet and tend to be found lurking around haunted buildings; though they have been spotted outside, it seems they almost exclusively favour the indoors.


Though most people will picture cemeteries and battle fields with a healthy layer of fog to add to the eeriness, some of that fog might actually be spectral in nature. Ecto-mist usually takes the form of a vaporous cloud, but with many swirling tendrils. It is commonly pictured hanging around human beings and is commonly found outdoors in cemeteries and even battlefields. It can linger but also travel at will as is widely viewed as being the spirit of one who died or was laid to rest in a particular location. Other theories claim that the Ecto-mist is a precursor to a fully-fledged apparition, so if you spot any prepare yourself for spooky happenings!


Out of all these phenomena, funnels are considered to be the most mysterious. Almost always photographed around humans, they take the form of a swirling funnel shape, usually with the tapered end pointing towards the person in question. Similar to orbs, they appear to be harmless, but they can reportedly be felt as a cold spot in the air and their presence definitely hints at some poignant supernatural activity. The most popular theory surrounding these odd anomalies is that they are curious spirits that have taken an interest in the humans within their midst.