Street art has now taken on a new level in the whereabouts of London, Bristol and Birmingham. A number of people failed to contain their excitement about the UK’s technology fair and decorated the walls with extravagant pieces that challenge the general public to crack their colourful selection of Morse codes, binary codes and JavaScript.

Each piece conceals a hidden message which passers-by had to decipher in order to win tickets to this year’s technology fair. The intentions of this wild advertisement scheme is to get more young people interested in coding, which is proven to be essential when it comes to the development of computer software’s and loads more.

Alan Turing, a massive figure in the world of computer science, is the image of two of the urban murals located around the city of London. These murals were used to mark the 75th anniversary of the Government Code and Cypher Schools’ first arrival at the well-known Bletchley Park.

In a clever bid to attract more young people to the world of computer science, much of the graffiti incorporated famous coding heroes who made an appearance at the technology fair including Nolan Bushnell who established Atari, a famous videogame company and Jon Hall who is currently the executive director of operating system Linux.

Since the appearance of these unique murals, the mad rush to decipher the codes and proved to be a massive success at this year’s event.

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