On our East End Walks we tell our guests lots of fascinating facts about the East End, it’s history and exciting stories about the who’s, the where’s, the what’s, the why’s and the how’s. But in this article we have written a few more fascinating facts about the East End that you may not have known.

  • Captain James Cook first met Elizabeth Batts when she was a young child in Wapping; they married in 1762 and lived in Mile End, the East End of London.
  • One of the first people to sight Australia was Zachariah Hicks and he was from the East End.
  • The first ship to ever be built and launched was in the East End, it was called The Greyhound.
  • In the 19th century, Limehouse (East End) was known as Londons’ Chinatown as numerous Chinese Sailors settled there, working in the docks of London.
  • The largest ox ever sold was reared in the Isle of Dogs and sold at the Leadenhall Market.
  • The father of the writer Geoffrey Chaucer owner twenty-four shops in Whitechapel. Some of these shops are spoken about in the Canterbury Tales.
  • Such excellent peppermints were created by a company in the East End, called C & E Mortons that Madagascar used them as a form of money.
  • The first ever British female to qualify as a doctor was born in the East End; due to Britain’s refusal for women to study she had to study in Paris.
  • Slavery was finally abolished in 1833, around 15,000 people were freed and most of these were found living in the East End.

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