The East End is one of London’s richest and most vibrant areas, filled with a unique, remarkable history. However, how much do you know about this part of the city?

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Over the years, the landscape of the East End has undergone a dramatic change. From the earliest days and the region’s roots, right through to becoming the bustling, cosmopolitan hub it is today, there is always a story to be told in the East End.

The Early Days

Way back in the Roman Era, the East End started life as a small collection of hamlets grouped around a central road leading into what would soon become the city centre. It was a green, open area, over the years containing royal hunting grounds and small settlements.

However, as the city as a whole began to grow, the East End gradually became more industrialised. Manufacturers and traders sprung up, and the Docklands was a prime area for business and trade. However, these early industries comprised of all the trades the richer people didn’t want on their doorsteps in the city centre. Slaughterhouses, tanneries, gunpowder manufacturers and breweries were all characteristic of East End industry – trades which were vital to London’s growth but confined to the outskirts of the city.

A period of intense population growth soon followed, with large parts of the area falling into poverty. After being badly hit by bombing raids and falling victim to the atrocities of World War Two, it wasn’t until after the war that living conditions really began to see an improvement.

The East End Today

The Kray Twins ruled the East End during the ‘60’s, bringing a new wave of ‘celebrity crime’ to the quarter. By this time, many of the area’s traditional industries had all but died out, but since the 1980’s, the East End has been working to establish itself as the cultural hub it is recognised as today.

From the vibrant, bustling markets and eateries to the region’s world-class street art, culture and heritage are firmly alive in the East End today.

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