2018 has been a good year so far for East End Tours. May, in particular, was a busy month; not only did we have some fabulous weather, perfect for our walking tours, we also received a Certificate of Excellence from popular travel review site, TripAdvisor – putting us in their Hall of Fame for London attractions!

Certificate of Excellence

The Certificate of Excellence is an award granted by TripAdvisor to businesses that offer a great service consistently, receiving plenty of positive reviews from past customers. There is no application process, instead, businesses must maintain at least a four out of five rating and reach a minimum number of reviews.

This can be quite the challenge for smaller businesses like ours that have fixed tour sizes and times. Not to mention, businesses are only entered into the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame once they’ve received the Certificate of Excellence five years in a row – definitely something to write home about! You can find more information regarding TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence and Hall of Fame process by following this link.

Kray Twins Gangster Tour Named as a Top 7 Guided London Tour

Not only did TripAdvisor recognise our efforts to offer customers the best walking tour experiences, our Kray Twins Gangster Tour was named as a top pick for the 7 Best Guided Walking Tours in London by TravelMag.

TravelMag is a travel blog focusing on in-depth local guides and everything travel. They’ve got writers from all around the world, giving you the low down on travel activities including attractions, events and tours.

Prior to this, we’ve seen a lot of uptake on the Kray Twins Gangster Tour this year and it’s not difficult to see why. Our walking tour takes you back in history to explore the stomping ground of the infamous Kray Twins; learn about their rise to power and eventual downfall in the underbelly of London.

On the back of this news, we are very excited for the summer ahead, with plenty of informative and interesting tours available, from Jack the Ripper Walking Tours to the East End Street Art London Tour. If you are coming to London this summer and want to do something a bit different to the typical tourist attractions, get in contact with our team on 07795 080 615 or use our contact form, here.

We look forward to delighting you with some dark London history soon!