In this article we have listed the top places to visit if you are looking to find out more about the Kray Twins. Booking a Krays Tour is a great idea and is a really good way of getting a detailed East End Tour but if you would like to discover the history yourself then these are the places to visit. You will find that booking onto an East End Walk will be a better way of uncovering the Kray Twins History as your tour guide will be an expert in this area.

Here are just some of the famous haunts of the Kray Twins;

The Tonybee Hall Juvenile Court was first visited by the Kray Twins when they were ten years old; they had been caught firing an air rifle out of a train window.

You could also visit The Carpenters Arms; this was a pub that belonged to Violet Kray, the twin’s mother. Together the twins purchased the pub for her and it’s still open today, although no longer owned by the Kray family.

The school now known as the William Davis Primary School was once known as the Wood Close School and attended by the Kray Twins.

Some tourists choose to attend the Repton Boxing Club, this was where the twins learn to fight and follow in the footsteps of their boxing granddad Lee. The twins won numerous amateur boxing titles and at the age of 17 years old they turned professional.  The twins continued to support the boxing club as they became older through the donation of trophies and purchasing tickets to watch boxing matches.

178 Vallance Road, Lee Corner is a popular visiting place for fans of the Kray Twins. It was where the Kray family once lived and it was also used as the headquarters of the criminal activities of the Kray Twins.

You may also choose to go to Pellicci’s, this was a very regular haunt of the Kray Twins and they often popped in for food or a cup of coffee and chats. The café is still open now and to this day is still rumoured to serve the best food outside your mother’s kitchen (as Reggie Kray was known to repeat).

If you are keen on the Kray Twins history you have to visit The Blind Beggar pub, it was here that a rival gangster called Ronnie Kray a ‘big fat poof’, so Ronnie shot him dead right in the middle of his forehead.

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