Everybody loves to get stuck into a good book or experience the terror of the latest horror movie to hit the big screen, but who are the most notorious characters in history? In this East End Tours blog post, we will be taking a look at just four of history’s most notorious characters, both fictional and real, all of whom have become infamous due to their malicious and eerie ways.

Hannibal Lecter

As one of the most famous fictional characters, Hannibal Lecter is not your everyday villain. For a cannibalistic maniac, he is well-spoken and sophisticated, not to mention slightly narcissistic. As for his killing tendencies, he murders those who show poor manners. Similar to Jigsaw, a serial killer in the Saw film series, he could be said to have a fixation on impeccable taste and good manners. He stars in the Silence Of The Lambs series.


As mentioned, Jigsaw is the antagonist from the Saw film series. Like Hannibal, he targets those who don’t appreciate life, but murders them in a very different way. He sets up a collection of traps that are designed to torture the victims and those who survive are considered to be reformed. In the movies, Jigsaw has cancer, which is part of the reason he targets individuals who show no appreciation for life. Along the way, he picks up accomplices that carry on his work following his death.

Manuel Blanco Romasanta 

In 1853, a serial killer with an unusual defence stood trial. Manuel Blanco Romasanta was a serial killer who carried out his killings in Spain, however, when he was caught he insisted he was a werewolf. The strange thing about his case was that a few of his victims were said to have been murdered by wolves. He also claimed that he was suffering from lycanthropy and this was noted when he was hypnotised. Apparently, during his hypnosis, Dr Phillips found “signs of true lycanthropy” and “requested he be allowed to live as long as he would subject himself to further study”. Visit our website today for the East Ends truest walks and tours focused around the gangsters and murderers of it’s gruesome past!

The Krays

Our final notorious pair is none other than the Kray twins. This duo saw their peak in 1967 when they operated their very own establishment named The Double R Club. The twins were also behind countless turf wars, not to mention the running of their own protection rackets. Their time in the criminal underworld saw the murder of Jack ‘the Hat’ McVitie and George Cornell also. You can find out more about these notorious characters on one of our Krays tours which will take you to the most significant places in the East End, where the twins lived and breathed, not to mention a few extra sites thrown in there too.

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