The list of fun things to do in London is endless and, believe it or not, still growing as more and more venues open up, and activity opportunities become a reality.

Amidst all these events though, there are a few fun stops in London that stand out from the rest, thanks to their popularity, exclusivity and, well, enjoyment!

So, if you’re looking to make a list for your next visit to London to optimise your overall experience, read on. Below we have compiled a short list of just three fun stops in London.

Ice Bar

Situated on Heddon Street, the Ice Bar is renowned for its blend of a classic bar experience with its quirky incorporation of freezing temperatures and, as the name suggests, ice!

Here, you will get to see a stunning collection of ice sculptures and enjoy a refreshing beverage, all the while being wrapped up in your favourite wintry clothing for warmth. Without giving too much away, the Ice Bar strikes the perfect balance between fun and aesthetics, making it the perfect stop during your visit to London.

Visit the website for more information on its location and what you can expect from this destination.

Highgate Wood

If, however, you’d prefer to soak up the spring beauty rather than extend winter in the coming months, Highgate Wood is just the location for you.

With organic, picturesque surroundings and a number of quaint cafes along the way, it’s a lovely family, couple or even singleton stop, catering for everyone’s wants and tastes on a trip to London.

You can even turn your visit to Highgate Wood into a family-fun activity by making a checklist of common wildlife and seeing who can complete their list first!

Street Art London Tours

If the two options above don’t take your fancy, and you’re looking for something a little richer in culture, our street art London tours will fit the bill perfectly.

On this tour, our specialist guides will take you around some of the street art hotspots in the East End, providing you with a detailed insight into the artists behind the works too.

Amazing art, interesting facts and a chance to explore the vibrant nature of the East End of London are all on the agenda.

So, this is just a short list of fun things to do in London. Whether you’re a couple looking for a short stop to enjoy a drink, a family wanting to soak in nature’s beauty, or just anyone looking to explore one of the most diverse areas of London, consider these three suggestions. And enjoy your trip to London!