Street art is loved by many and disapproved by some who feel it is no more than graffiti. However, there is no denying that Banksy has inspired some incredible examples of street art all across the globe and London’s street art enthusiasts are truly spoilt in the capital.

The king of street art, Banksy has been injecting colourful and clever designs to London’s streets for years and you can still find some of his great pieces on show today. There is even a map dedicated to finding his artwork, to enable you to complete the full street art tour. The Rat Under London Bridge is one of the more famous ones but if you are not looking out for it, you would probably miss it completely.

The high positioning of the Falling Shopper on Bruton Street makes the art all the more curious – just how did he do it without being seen? We are, of course, only assuming that these pieces are indeed the work of Banksy, as his identity is still not confirmed. Also, with so many street artists trying to replicate his artistic brilliance, it is difficult to know for sure which ones are his creations.

Discovering London’s Street Art

There are several areas of London where you are more likely to stumble across amazing pieces of street art. The hip area of Shoreditch is popular with street artists such as Stik and his infamous Stik People. Other artists displaying work in this area include ROA, Sweet Toof and Ben Eine.

Camden Town attracts people from all over the world to visit its fabulous market, which unsurprisingly is brimming with art in many different forms. So, naturally, street artists are keen to get their work seen around this hub of artistic creativity. Here you will find the work of Bambi who is referred to as the female version of Banksy. Her most famous example is, without doubt, her portrait of Camden’s favourite singer Amy Winehouse displayed on a door.

Southbank is another area where you will discover all kinds of wonderful street art around the skate park. As skate parks and street art seem to go hand-in-hand, Brixton Skate Park is another place that is beautifully decorated by highly talented street artists.

Last but certainly not least, Brick Lane is a place that you shouldn’t miss out if you are on a quest to see London’s best street art. If you are planning a trip to discover the capital’s street art then make sure you do your homework and plot out your route or sign up for a street art London tour. Otherwise, there is a large chance that you are going to pass by some of the greatest art, without even knowing you have.