Halloween has come around this year and it is your turn to host the party, but all the good ideas have been done before. What is left? Well have you considered doing something in the style of London’s most infamous gangsters, The Kray Twins? Here EET explains how you can make your party one people wont forget.

The brothers, Ronnie and Reggie Kray, terrorised London and ruled the streets with violence. With nothing else in their childhood to base their behaviour on, their Aunt Rose described them as ‘born criminals’. The pair made headlines in their hay day, but have remained synonymous around the capital and the rest of the world for the unforgiving nature of their crimes and mannerisms.

Particularly if you are hosting a more adult themed Halloween party, then this could be ideal for you and your guests. The Kray’s had a wide circle of ‘friends’ that included a lot of celebrities, particularly those that played at their clubs. In fact, investigators found a business card that lead them to a lucrative ‘bodyguard’ operation, that had been used by Frank Sinatra, of whom hired a total of 18 bodyguards through the firm.

Other notable friends included; Diana Dors, who was recorded in attendance at the funeral of Violet Kray was a keen friend of The Krays and offers a great fancy dress character. A blonde bombshell of her time, she resembled Marilyn Monroe or better yet, she was our British equivalent.

Judy Garland was another known to have been friendly with the twins, photographed with them at their clubs. Also featured in a lot of photographs is Barbara Windsor, the queen of the East End. Her character on Eastenders is thought to be based upon The Krays story, Peggy Mitchell being Violet Kray and her two sons Grant and Phil Mitchell being Ronnie and Reggie.

Another Hollywood star that had ties with the Krays was George Raft; another character possibility for the big night. However, while this may give you some ideas for characters to dress up as, it is important that you get the accessories correct if it is Ronnie or Reggie that you’re coming as.

The twins had a large collection of weapons that they used to create terror across the streets of London and wider regions. Some of these included; swords, knuckleduster, sawn off double barrel shotgun, lead cosh, bayonet and razors.

For the twins individually, they did have some preferences. One night during a party at one of their clubs, Ronnie dragged an unfortunate man to an alley at the back of the building, placed a sword crossways in his mouth and pushed it, slicing open Litvinoffs face on both sides. The sword was kept at the side of Ronnie’s bed as one of his ‘trophy’ weapons.

Both Ronnie and Reggie were thought to have slept with flick knives under their pillows, after rigorously checking all doors and windows were secured and locked. While their reign was one of terror, they were in the end captured and charged of one count of murder each, remembering the twins of London’s underground is the perfect chilling Halloween theme.

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