Out of all the capitals of all the nations in the world, London is arguably the most eerie. London has a dark and grisly past; it has been ravaged by fire, plague and war and its streets have been home to gangsters and killers, all of which have left behind a hefty body count.

Ghosts, like people, have a habit of congregating in certain areas and there are a number of locations in London where the ghosts seemingly outnumber the locals. So, read on to discover some of the most haunted areas littered around The Big Smoke!


The Tower of London

Arguably the most haunted location on this list, the renowned tower of London has, over a period of 900 years, built up a dark and sordid reputation. The tower has held criminals, murderers and political prisoners (some of them guilty) since it was built by William the Conqueror in 1078 and as you might expect, it has accumulated a number of aggressive spirits.

Some of the most notable ones include Queen Anne Boleyn, who’s headless body has been seen wandering the corridors; The White Lady, who reportedly stands in the window of the intimidating White Tower and spirits of children are also often seen running and playing through the somewhat prophetically named, Bloody Tower. In addition to this, the guards at the tower of London regularly speak of a terrible crushing sensation in the room where Henry VIII armour is stored; several report being throttled or strangled by an unseen attacker.


Bethnal Green Underground Station

The tragedy that occurred within the tunnels of Bethnal Green during the Second World War left a permanent mark on the station and the people who live in the surrounding area. However, perhaps the most lasting legacy is the spirits of those who perished and continue to haunt the station to this day.

In March 1943, hundreds of people fled into the station during one of the many bombing raids to hit the capital. The air raid sirens sounded throughout the night and over a thousand more Londoners were ushered into the tunnels. Following a particularly loud explosion, those in the station panicked. 173 people were killed in the resulting stampede and crush. To this day, sounds of panicking crowds, children screaming and haunting sobbing sounds are reported by staff and visitors on a regular basis.


Highgate Cemetery

Opened in 1839, Highgate Cemetery has over 53,000 graves and around 170,000 bodies buried in it. In addition to its macabre use, the cemetery is also nature reserve with wild flowers and trees overgrowing specific areas. Highgate also plays host to a number of intimidating but impressive Victorian mausoleums that can only be viewed by a limited number of people on daily tours.

Needless to say, the cemetery is home to a number of ghosts and apparitions that are seen and felt on an almost daily basis. Aside from red eyed spectres and ghostly figures, a vampire is rumoured to skulk amongst the graves. Though none has ever been found, it takes a brave soul to go for a stroll around Highgate Cemetery when the sun goes down…

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