Haunted stations


London is filled with ghoulish tales of ghosts and other things that go bump in the night, as is to be expected in a capital with such a grisly past. London’s literal ‘ghost town’ can arguably be found in the wealth of underground and overground stations that dot the city.

So, let’s take a look at a few station ghosts and the stories surrounding them.

Elephant and Castle

As one of the top places to see ghosts, we thought it only fair that this station get a spot on our list. Elephant and Castle station has built up a reputation for paranormal activity over the decades and many staff members have reported strange goings-on during their shifts. A few of the most well-known reports include footsteps heard along platforms, tapping and doors being forced open with no one to push them. In addition, a young woman is said to wander the platform and get onto the train’s carriages but never leaves; some believe that this ghost is the source of the echoing footsteps, according to Ghost-Story.

Below is a genuine report from a tube driver who said they had witnessed the ghost first-hand.

“At around 6pm at a Bakerloo line Underground Station, I was in pursuit of my duties as an employee of London Underground. I join the train at the terminus at Elephant and Castle and walk forward to the front of the train with a view to travelling with the driver. At this point, the driver has not arrived so I put my bag down and move to the rear door to wait for him. While I am waiting a girl gets into the carriage – she walks straight through the carriage and I have to move aside making some muttered apology – I sort of have to do this since I was in uniform!”

“A minute or so later, the driver turns up and we move toward the front of the train. I notice that the girl is not in the carriage and this is a rather immediate cause for concern – she could not have left the train without passing me. I had full view of the carriage and platform at the time. My reaction was to inform the driver – the only place she would have gone was to have walked down the tunnel – not really what we want! The driver’s response was unusual: ‘Oh her. We hear about her all the time – she’s even been in the papers’”

Highgate Station

This particular station underwent renovation in 1941 where it was completely re-constructed to join up with the Northern Line however, during the late 40’s, the project stopped and “the cutting became overgrown”. While this station is now out of use, many residents have reported hearing trains passing by.


All too often we hear about spirits being malevolent beings, however, not all of them search for people to harm as this story suggests. An electrician was working at Aldgate and was involved in what could have been a fatal accident after was exposed to roughly 22,000 volts. Apart from falling unconscious and having a knock to the head which later manifested as a bruise, the electrician remarkably remained unharmed. During the incident, his colleagues reported that they had seen an almost transparent being that appeared to be an old woman stroking his hair.

Bank Station

When bank station was being built, a handful of workmen got the fright of their lives when they unintentionally disturbed the sleeping spirit of the Black Nun. Philip Whitehead, who was reportedly the Black Nun’s brother worked as a cashier for the bank before he was executed for committing forgery in 1811. Following his execution, the Nun was rumoured to have spent the next 40 years of her life just waiting outside the bank for him to return. She is still said to be roaming the platforms in search of her brother, dressed all in black.

In addition, there have been reports of workers and travellers who have visited the station being overwhelmed with intense feelings of sadness and hopelessness and unpleasant aromas are rumoured to linger in the station.

These are just 4 haunted stations in London! If you’d like to hear more creepy tales of ghostly activity, why not join us on one of our London ghost tours! For more details about bookings, please get in touch with us today through our website; we look forward to hearing from you!