Alex Face is a Bangkok based street artist and his signature piece, a baby with three eyes, has recently been shared on the streets of London and Alex himself has provided an insight on his very own signature piece.

The Inspiration

Alex’s signature piece of a baby was originally inspired by his daughter. At his daughter’s birth he believed that she appeared angry, upset and distressed that she had finally been born which sparked many questions for the new daddy including but not limited to ‘Are you not happy to be my daughter’ and ‘Are you not happy to be in the world’. As such, it inspired him to create a street art piece based on his experience. Alex also admits that the ever-changing nature of the world was another idea that inspired his unusual signature piece.

Alex then decided to incorporate the mind’s eye as a representative of what the future bestows and how people today should be more concerned with what the future actually has to offer. Furthermore, Alex’s spirituality and belief in another dimension that we can see only through our minds eye is portrayed through the third eye incorporated into the piece. While the third eye is said to have the ability to see what is to come, a baby only has two eyes meaning that it can do nothing but worry about what life has in store.

Artist Background

Alex originally grew up on a farm located in Thailand; however, unlike the peaceful setting he encountered during his youth he now claims that ‘there are factories, factories everywhere.’ Expressing his concern, Alex believes that the world is changing much too fast.

He also went on to say that his daughter will grow up against the backdrop of rapid development. He is concerned for his country, as he believes that with the population growth there will lead to food shortages as more and more companies are building on agricultural land.

Street Art Tours

Following a trip to Devon, Alex and Bon (a fellow street artist) decided to spend some time painting Alex’s signature piece on a wall down Pedly Street. Other works from the street artist Alex Face include a woman wearing a fox mask. While Bon has his own distinctive style he is often seen collaborating with Alex.

If you’d like to see more street art pieces, consider joining us on a street art London tour to form your own interpretation behind the bizarre, unique and above all incredible street art pieces that London has to offer.