Deciding which tour to take in London can be a struggle, especially as there are so many to grace the streets. However, rest assured that with East End Tours, we have something to suit each and every taste! To see what’s on offer, read on.

Criminal Underworld

The Krays, often cited as the leaders of the criminal underworld at their time in history, were infamous gangsters involved in numerous crimes. Without giving too much away, our tour explores their early life, as well as some of the spots they frequented, all the while providing a detailed insight into their crimes, suspected personalities, and more!

Sight Seeing

If you prefer to bask in the beauty and ambience of London, particularly the East End, our Street Art London Tour is the one for you. Not only does it allow you to soak in the aesthetics of street art from countless artists that have made their mark in the East End, but this slice of London is a bustling location, filled to the brim with life. This is only made better by the colourful interpretations pasted on the walls and surrounding areas.


If you love to sit back and relax with a cold beverage, alcoholic or not, and you have an interest in grisly British history, our Jack the Ripper Pub Tour is definitely one to attend. A sort of extension of our famous Ripper tour, our pub tour focuses on pubs associated with the killer in particular. It provides a detailed insight into the era where Jack the Ripper reigned and even allows you to stop off and enjoy a drink along the way. A few of the pubs included in the tour are the famous Ten Bells, The White Hart Pub, The King Stores and Princess Alice.

These are just a few of the choices you have with East End Tours, all of which can be enjoyed in company or alone.

So, see our site for more information on our collection of brilliant tours, or get in touch today for more information on fun things to do in London. We look forward to seeing you on one of our tours!