Nowadays, street artists face many challenges; if it isn’t the shock and horror of people stealing their artwork off the walls, it’s having to scale buildings just to find a bare patch of brick to complete their artwork. While the majority of difficulties they face ‘can’t be helped’, graffiti artist, Katsu, has developed a new type of technology to help artists that “don’t have a head for heights.”

According to The Guardian, Katsu said, “Drones allow me to do what I had always yearned to do.”

“I’ve always looked at a building or looked at a canvas and stretched my arms out with my eyes. My eyes have always been able to reach it but my limbs have never been able to touch and reach these spaces.”

In the past, Katsu claimed that he used to use fire extinguishers to “blast vast quantities of paint across huge areas, obliterating rivals’ puny tags with building-sized letters.” Now, with the new technology, the renowned New York street artist hopes to reach places other artists have only dreamed of reaching.

He said, “I have this little video game-inspired fantasy of lying in my bed, sending my drones out my bedroom window. Having them render my tags all over the city and then flying back home to me, like, in my bed.”

However, these new drones don’t focus on producing intricate robo-art; instead they produce “wayward streaks and clumsy splatters.”

Katsu commented, “The idea would be to eventually create a drone that has a free flight mode that allows either for more collaboration with the drone or less collaboration with the drone. Then, they could have a dual flight mode where I can have the freedom to get the drone where it needs to be and then put it into a new flight mode to maybe execute a tag or something that almost looks hand drawn.”

Despite high hopes for the future graffiti drone, Katsu admits that there are problems that need to be taken into account.

“There are a lot of other things now that have to be taken into consideration” he commented. “It’s not like ‘Oh I’ll slip off the edge of this bridge and die’ it’s like ‘I might have the drone drift off and I might kill someone’”

Do you believe there’s a future for these street artwork drones or do you think street artists should keep to the more traditional style of graffiti using their hands and feet?

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