The Kray Twins were incredibly well known in the East End of London during the 1950s and 1960s, just going on an East End Tour you will see some of the reminders of the notorious gangsters such as the boxing clubs they went to, pubs they owned and places where they killed. Numerous tourists go on Kray Twins Tours every evening to find out more about these gangsters but what has shocked many is that the Kray Twins were gay.

Ronnie Kray is said to have never hidden his sexual orientation but his brother Reggie still has a question mark over his but it has been said he was a bisexual.

Ronnie Kray discussed his sexual preferences with very few people but when he did talk about it he said that it was a part of his nature which he had discovered and explored before going on to find it very enjoyable. Sources close to the Kray Twins said that his homosexuality never conflicted with the ‘Tough Guy’ image he gave off and caused him no problems on any level.

‘The Firm’ is the gang that the twins created, they were overwhelmingly tolerant of Ronnie Krays sexuality and when they did object to it Ronnie smiled his response of “You don’t know what you’re missing!”

Reggie was not as public as his brother but Ronnie often claimed his brother was a bisexual. Once Reggie had passed away a fellow gangster, Bradley Allardyce, confirmed that he and Reggie were more than good friends in the years before his death. They spent three years at prison together and were just four cells apart.

After Reggie passed away Bradley Allardyce made a statement explaining that he and Reggie had a sexual relationship. Friends close to Reggie feel that Bradley Allardyce was in fact the love of Reggie’s life and fellow inmates agree having seen the pair spending most of their time together at Maidstone Prison.

Is this why the Kray Twins killed the gangster that called them a ‘Fat Poof’ in the Blind Beggars Pub, because Reggie was trying to hide from the truth?