Taking into consideration his past photography work based in major cities such as London and Amsterdam with projects including the famous photobooth truck, popular French artist JR has now moved his most current work into New York City where he used NYC ballet association to portray his latest inspiration.

A little bit about the artist

JR was born in 1983 in France and he generally operates in Paris, France and New York City. Through his success of establishing large-scale photography projects ready for the public to see, in recent years this particular artist has become famous for his personal take on contemporary art. Despite his popularity, this artist only operates under the initials ‘JR’ and has a tendency to be seen in large, dark sunglasses and a fedora hat when working in public.

According to art space, due to his “socially minded experiments in photography, filmmaking and relational aesthetics” his fellow street art companion, Shepard Fairey, named him “the most ambitious person I know”.
Taking a step back in time, JR originally started out as nothing more than a graffiti tagger and still today refers to himself as a “photograffeur”. However, in 2004, following the breakout of riots in the Banlieues, JR completed his first successful and major project by photographing a variety of rioter faces and then pasted up prints all around the city. Still today, the nature of this project is known to be JR’s trademark.

The New York City Ballet Makeover

Following his previous success in 2011 where he won the TED prize and in 2007 where he created a project labelled women are heroes, JR was asked to visit the New York City Ballet association where he later accepted the challenge of transforming the artful nature of ballet into a literal work of art.
On the topic of his past success, JR commented, “the moment I start pasting photos on the street I realised the power of paper and glue, the power of the image in the street and how people would actually react to it”.
He added, “When I was approached by New York City ballet, I was curious to bring them into my universe using the texture, the paper.”

The creative collection consists of a great combination of both photo and art visuals that will be available to see in February and the tour will begin by introducing visitors to a varied selection of posters that will eventually lead up to the main attraction. The poster designs have a collection of ballet dancers taken by the ace photographer, JR, himself. The main attraction is said to be held on the floor of the Manhattan theatre where visitors will find an arranged visual.

The visual consists of an arrangement of dancers who will be manoeuvring themselves against the outline of a large sheet made of paper. This particular section of the exhibit will resemble the image of a detailed eye which has been photographed from above. This exhibition will run from the 7th of February to the 13th of February.