It is not uncommon for the movie industry to depict actual historical events in the narration of a film or documentary. After all, it is one way to keep history alive for the future generations to learn from or at least experience. There have been a lot of movies made on the historic events and important personalities. Ironically, it is the dark eras that garner most attention, intrigue and interest. A handful of movies have been made on the subject of Jack the Ripper. The same can be said about the Titanic. Both events took the entire world by storm which is why to this day there are Jack the Ripper tours and Titanic tours. The infamous Kray’s mark another difficult era of East End London; an era that was captured brilliantly in a movie named after the Kray’s brothers, aptly called The Krays.

Filmed in 1990, The Krays is a very accurate depiction of the lives and crimes of English gangsters and twins Ronald and Reginald Kray. Written by Phillip Ridley and directed by Peter Medak, The Krays is widely viewed as the most accurate and authentic representation of the Krays to this date. If you enjoyed the Kray’s tour, you will undoubtedly love this move.

The Good

‘The Krays’ is definitely a movie worth watching. There are a number of noteworthy moments that crop up throughout the film it. First off, the impressive atmosphere built up by the director and his team. Secondly, the film’s cinematography is astounding, taking you back 40 plus years to the Krays era. As the film progresses you start actually feel like you’ve been catapulted right back in to those days.

Another great thing about the movie is its cast. The entire cast is really impressive but the most noteworthy performances are from the Kemp Brothers. The two actors are in fact twin in real life just like the Krays which is why just adds to the film’s authenticity.

The Bad

There isn’t much bad about this movie. However a minor niggle I would mention would be at the vagueness of the storyline at some points. I had a hard time comprehending what exactly was going around the mid part of the movie. However, I believe that this happened because the Krays brother’s history cannot be so easily compressed into a standalone feature film. That being said, if a TV series  depicting the Kray’s gruesome life’s were to be produced then I’m sure the director could present the storyline in a much more coherent way but

Final Words

If you are a fan old school gangster movies and if you were fascinated by the Krays tour, then this movie is definitely for you. You may even uncover some additional information about the Kray twin’s illustrious history. The Krays is an interesting movie and is highly recommended for all the East End history devotees. For those who haven’t taken the Krays Tour, this movie might just set the precedent for that.