london pub crawlFancy a walk from our East End Tours? Why not take a wander down the streets of old England and have a beer in some of London’s most famous pubs such as the White Hart? With its shuddering history of George Chapman and the Ten Bells, the pub had become famous also for Jack the Ripper, in The East End Pub Tour.

These aren’t just any pubs, each and every single one of them have their own charisma and often an intriguing history. Escaping the main streets of London, being confined to dark alleyways and passageways never was so thrilling.

With a variety of pubs to visit, you have an option of dining with the rumoured ghostly waiter who still serves in the cellar of The Kings Stores. Alternatively you could choose the lighter option of dinner for two at the candle lit The Bell Pub.

On this East End Walk, you will find yourself amongst the widely known Londoners. Walking in the footsteps of Charles Dickens, or taking the popular route of the legendary Brick Lane to try the best food in London is the perfect way to get to know the city.

Whatever your fancy, the East End Pub Tour caters for all. If you prefer small and local, the tour will bring you to The Duke of Wellington. Perfect place to cast away from the view in the heart of Spitalfields, surely this little pub will steal your adoration.

Or, take a break from the pubs and spend the day in the fabulous Galvin La Chapelle in Spitalfields where on the 16th June on Father’s Day dads eat free! For a relaxing place with a chance to unwind and enjoy yourself on this special occasion, Galvin La Chapelle is the place to be for Sunday lunch.

Not only do they offer great service and a combination of jazz and popular tunes whilst taking requests, they also have a collection of fantastic wines, many of which are displayed in the restaurant. Some of those you might not find anywhere else in London, making the Galvin La Chapelle extra special.