There is some amazing street art across the streets of London, so much so that you can now book you and your family onto a Street Art London Tour where you get to attend an East End Tour of the best street art and street artists of London.

It is said that every piece of street art has a message or a story, sometimes the message is obvious but sometimes it can be hidden and you need to see a few pieces of street art in London to be able to see the meaning or message behind a piece of art.

Some street artists in London take on a very political role, street artists like Banksy. You will see from his work that he is trying to get some very strong political views across through his street art.

However, some street art – like the image, does not leave much to the imagination and very clearly states the message through the picture. This image is clearly telling you that smoking is bad for you; you can tell the image is coughing and struggling to swallow the smoke from the cigarette. However, the message is still put across in a ‘fun’ way.

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