It would be completely permissible to say that a Jack The Ripper Tour is one of the most exciting and gruesome walks in London that simply cannot go a miss.

London’s number one tour company, East End Tours, thrives in revealing the darker, more intriguing, parts of London and this is certainly no exception! The walk will be oozing with gloomy thrills and fascinating facts provided by enthusiasts of the murder legend named Jack the Ripper.

Let East End Tours guide you through the mazes of London alleys and streets to observe the crime scenes of Jack The Ripper’s slaughtering rampage that left victims in a sliced up and gut spilling state. A true story of 1888, yet still today causes an uneasy atmosphere within East London.

Never have a dull moment whilst you are in the company of our theatrically influenced tour guides! They have a real passion for the tour and let their enthusiasm grasp you into the world of Jack The Ripper. You will follow them with the aid of Ripper Vision, a modern image projection device that will display ghastly visuals to enhance your experience.

The East End Walk has been claimed to provide the ‘best and most original’ Jack The Ripper tour in the UK! We use captivating and interactive methods to retell the slaughter story once again. Tickets for adults are just £9.00 for 1 hour and 45 minutes of captivating walking, hosted by the most engaging of characters. So join us in the midst of London to unravel the most mysterious story ever told!