Ten Bells haunted pub


Here at East End Tours, we like ghosts and pubs, so it is only natural that we would enjoy a combination of the two! Luckily for us, and for you, London is home to a number of haunted pubs, each with a grisly yet intriguing past.

So, without further ado, we are about to reveal some of the capitals most haunted pubs!


The Ten Bells Pub

Potentially the most notorious drinking den on our list, this pub is linked to none other than Victorian serial killer, Jack the Ripper! The Ripper’s final victim, Mary Kelly, was a regular at this establishment and the story goes that she was seen leaving the Ten Bells mere hours before she was horrifically murdered; with this in mind, it stands to reason that the place is also haunted.

Workers at the pub have said that they regularly encounter an old man dressed in Victorian clothing; apparently he creeps up on them and as soon as he is spotted, will disappear! He is thought to be the spirit of a previous landlord and has also been known to cackle in the dead of night and cause ghostly footsteps afterhours.

Most frightening of all, a psychic was reportedly once brought to the premises and upon reaching one room in particular she refused to enter, stating that something horrific had occurred in the room. Later, a set of Victorian babies clothes which had been apparently slashed with a blade, were found in the loft, directly above the accursed room…


The Viaduct Tavern

This old pub dates back to 1875 and is reputed to be the last Victorian gin palace left in London however, the tavern is known for a completely different kind of spirit. Apparently, a particularly belligerent and noisy apparition haunts the cellars of this establishment and has been the bane of many a staff member over the years.

The spirit is known to have locked one of the managers in the basement one evening. Reportedly, while down in cellar the door suddenly slammed and the lights went out, leaving the hapless manager in complete darkness. He managed to feel his way to the door, which would not budge despite his best efforts.

Luckily his wife heard his desperate cries for help and released him. Interestingly, the door that couldn’t be opened from the inside was easily unlocked and pushed open from the outside. Apparently, unexplained loud bangs, disturbing scratched shapes and tormented handy men are a regular occurrence in this London pub.


The Rising Sun

This pub has perhaps the most grisly history of any in London, as it played host to a bunch of body snatchers who would supply cadavers to the local hospital…by whatever means necessary.

Apparently they would drug and murder the pubs patrons as part of their grisly business and, as you can already guess, this has left a few spirits wandering the place. Encounters have included a pair of barmaids who, whenever they would spend the night in the flats above the pub, would feel as though there was a sinister presence sat at the end of the bed. Another involves a barman who, whilst cleaning up one night, was constantly disturbed by the sound of someone running around upstairs despite knowing that he was the only person in the pub.

For more stories of the ghost population in London, join us on one of our ghost tours, where we will show you some of the most haunted and mysterious areas in the capital!