No work of art can be fully appreciated without acknowledging the skills and efforts of its creator. In fact this is philosophy applies not just in arts but for practically ever discipline there is be in marketing, tech, businesses or even politics. When people appreciate Facebook, they also acknowledge Mark Zuckerberg. When people say their love their iPhone, they are also citing the genius of Steve Jobs and so on.
Street art is another discipline that follows the same analogy. In today’s post we will introduce our readers and audience with some of these amazing personalities. Their artwork is on display on most buildings and street corners as they have given rise to street art and with it street art tours.



Certain names in the street art area require no introduction whatsoever. Banksy no doubt is one of them. Banksy is a prominent name in the world of street art as he is a creative graffiti artist who is extremely well versed with the art of depicting humour and a strong political message both at the same time through his art. In addition to being a graffiti artist, he is also a political activist, a film director, and an avid painter. He was born in 1974 and was raised in Bristol.

In 2010, he made history by directing the opening sofa gag to an episode of the Simpsons. No other street artists before had had the honour. It is by all means a huge accomplishment.

Andy Council


Andy Council is another renowned street artist also hailing from the streets of Bristol. His famous combination of dinosaurs along with architecture is what makes his street art popular as it is a very common occurrence in his works of art. He studied animation from Bournmouth Art College and has produced great artistic pieces for renowned magazines around the world.



Inkie is a very famous name in the world of street art and is also regarded as one of the founders of this form of art. He headed one of the largest graffiti gangs and was arrested in an operation against graffiti in the year 1989. He has worked tirelessly over the years in the art industry to bring it into the lime light and is now a teacher of art and graphic design to young children and college students.
These are just a few artists to name that have been around for decades and have been working with this form of art for a long time. They have gained recognition for their marvellous works that is now on display on the streets of London for everyone to see. Even though they don’t social much and stay away from public view, it can be safely said that these guys are giants of this industry.

Street Art Is an Expression


There is a famous saying which goes like “when the walls become a canvas, street art is born”. Street art is often known and regarded as the more un approved and banned mode of art intended solely for self-expression but what a lot of people are unaware of is the fact that this show of talent has paved new paths for the art industry and proven that art is not only limited to a paper canvas. Street art has broken the barriers of arts and artists and set a new meaning and example of visual expression; it differs from country to country and showcases their own social, economic and political ethos.

Now that we have introduces the artists, people can go see their artwork in London. Take a guided street art tour in London to catch a glimpse of their latest masterpiece.