Hollywood has made quite a few good movies about Gangsters; some of them actually very good. The ones based on the true life events of real life gangsters have been a great commercial hit. Al Capone from the US and the Krays from the UK are two names that come to mind. The Krays were infamous for the gangster related activity. They ruled the streets of the East End the same way Jack the Ripper ruled Whitechappel. Both had a huge impact so much that now there are specially designed tours that show a glimpse of their life in great detail and accuracy in the form of a guided tour. The Krays Tour is one good example!

The Krays Tour

The walking tour covers the real life story of the Krays going back to their childhood and upbringing. It talks about their rise to power, their numerous scuffles with the law, the illegal activities including gang wars, the infamous turf wars with the Richardson Gang and ultimately concludes on their demise. The tour outlines the numerous failed attempts by local police to capture the two brothers in order to bring them to justice.

Most people remember the brutal side of the Krays. They were infamous for Protection rackets, Turf Wars and were also implicated in the murder of George Cornell and Jack the Hat McVitie. However, not many are familiar with their generous side which often takes Kray’s tour attendees by surprise.

The Krays were famous in the East End of London for their generosity and friendship. They played a vital part in building the community and looked out for the neighbourhood in every way possible. They were extremely popular on their home turf; so much that when they died, the Kray’s funeral garnered the largest turnout in East End history. People simply loved the Krays. Their impact was so wide felt that Hollywood even made a movie on the two notorious brothers.

‘The Krays’ is definitely a movie worth watching. The director Peter Medak did a great job in creating the right atmosphere and feel for the movie. It has a gangster vibe to it that takes you 40 plus years back to the Krays era and makes you believe that you are living in the same era as well.

Another great thing about the movie is its cast. The entire cast is really impressive including the Martin and Gary Kemp, who played Ronnie and Reggie respectively. These two actors are twin brothers just like the Krays which allows them to excel in this film.

To conclude, if you are a fan of gangster movies, take the Krays tour. It is one of the best attraction in London. Not only is it a fun tour, it is full of intriguing and fascinating details about the Krays brothers that the movie doesn’t go over. Get the complete picture by taking this tour. It’s one tour you don’t want to miss.