Meet the Tour Guides

Any guided tour can be good, but what makes a walking tour great is the guide who leads it.

As intriguing, gripping and thrilling as our tours are, without the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm of our talented expert tour guides, they would not be the unrivalled experiences they are today. We believe when telling the story of the past only somebody who has a real passion for the subject can get the listener to stand and pay attention, thats why we only trust passionate enthusiasts and historians to lead our walking tours and be our Tour Guides.

When you walk on tour with East End Tours, you are seeing London and learning all about its hidden history in the company of the very best walking tour guides the city has to offer. We only trust the best with our valued customers.


Neil Storey

Neil is an academic, enthusiast and all-round authority on Jack the Ripper and East End history. In addition to hosting some of the most memorable tours London has ever seen, this award-winning historian, lecturer and author has produced more than fifty books, including East End Murders and Jack the Ripper: A Grim Almanac. The best-selling author also claims success for the 2012 publication, Jack the Ripper: The Dracula Secrets; a detailed look at the sources used by Bram Stoker whilst writing his own masterpiece, Dracula. Neil has been fortunate enough to access case archives, where he discovered a photograph of one of the Police’s top Ripper suspects, and he uses this unique experience to bring the East End’s tales to life, offering a new perspective on the Ripper, Stoker’s Count Dracula, and the relationship between the two.



Greg Baldock

A long-time and ardent fan of all things Jack the Ripper, Greg has expanded his love (and talent) for history, by focusing on the early 19th century and the dawn of the Napoleonic Wars. During his career, Greg has not only studied History, but he has also trained as an actor; a unique and fortunate combination because it gives him the know-how and ability to add new depth and bring new life to our tours, as well as the tales divulged during them. A superb tour guide, praised for his extensive knowledge of the Metropolitan Police and its history since inception in 1829, he helps transport those on our walks to the real 1800s.



John Chambers

Since his very first Horrible Histories encounter at the age of six, historian John Chambers has busied himself with the study of British history. Encouraged and aided by his father, John’s specialisms are Georgian London, Crime and Punishment (1200-1900) and the notorious Whitechapel Murders of 1888, among others. During his career as a tour guide, John has brought London to life for visitors at The London Dungeon, The Clink Prison and on Big Bus Tours, and more besides.  Today, he spends his time showing those on our tours the real East End, whilst continuing his nearly 20-year research on the crimes of Jack the Ripper. John is a phenomenal character who we have been fortunate enough to work with and enjoy as an expert guide for seven years, and we look forward to many more years of his expertise.



Mick Priestly

Mick himself has stated that his intense interest in true crime, serial killers, the darker side of life and all things bizarre has been with him as long as he can remember. Richard Ramirez, the Zodiac Killer and Jack the Ripper are his specialist subjects, to such an extent that he is widely regarded as one of today’s leading experts on the Jack the Ripper case. Having contributed to a myriad of crime documentaries and magazines, Mick has demonstrated his extensive knowledge of London’s dark history. He chooses to keep his enthusiasm alive by sharing solid facts, rather than outrageous conspiracy theories, with those who join us on our tours. Committed to thorough research and presenting facts instead of fiction, Mick is one of London’s most desirable guides.