The good thing about guided tours is that they can be taken as a public tour or in a more private format. Each has its own advantages. Public tours are held more frequently, meaning there are plenty of timings to choose from. You just show up on time for an East End Tour, for example, and wait until your party is ready, and you’re off. Private tours, as the term implies, offers a more intimate setting and it is something that many people and groups actually prefer.

In today’s post, we will talk about why private tours are a good thing. The idea is to encourage people to sign up for a private tour if they have a party of people who are interested in taking it. It must be noted that school groups, in particular, are big fans of private tours because it provides kids with their very own personal tour guide and an opportunity to take the tour at their pace.

You Set the Timing

Public tours adhere to a pre-determined time in the same way movie timings work. You just look up the different tour times and sign up for the one that best suits you. In a way, you are limited to the handful of choices on offer.

Private tours allow people to set the time themselves. The tour company will provide a tour guide for that group at the time they desire. This works well for people who are visiting London on a short trip and need to take a tour outside the regular hours. It also works well when public tours are fully booked. Private tours provide the group with the flexibility to set the time when the tour starts.

Eat Before You Take The Tour

Since you are selecting the time, it helps everything else to fall into place. Public tours follow a certain schedule and a certain route. They don’t stop unless for short breaks. If you are hungry, you better have something to snack on or just wait until the tour is up. Private tours, however, provide the flexibility to make eating arrangements beforehand. Either have a quick lunch and then begin the tour or a quick snack on the way to the tour.

You Can Stop At Pubs

A key feature of a good tour is that it should not feel like one. It should feel like an adventure, in which you are exploring new places, making new discoveries and learning new facts as you go along. Public tours don’t stop unless it’s for emergencies or bathroom breaks. During the tour, you may come across lots of pubs, and you might want to take a rest and enjoy a cooling beverage. Private tours provide you the opportunity to do just that.

Arguably, the biggest benefit of private groups is that you are surrounded by people you know and love. Doing anything with like-minded people, friends and family is extremely fun, and when it comes to guided tours, the fun is quite literally doubled. It’s an amazing experience. So, if you have a large party, consider signing up for a private tour.