the krays

They say that there is no shortage of entertainment in London. I say that there is no shortage of unique entertainment in London. The city is full of pubs, night clubs, fancy restaurants and beautiful landmarks, things that can be found the world over. But what sets this city apart, among many other things are its sightseeing activities that distinguishes it from the rest of the world putting it in a league of its own. Tours like the Krays tour and Jack the Ripper tour are a few to name. These are guided tours of actual past events that exist today in memory and on the streets of London. In today’s post we will keep the focus on the former and talk about Krays Tour in detail. Furthermore, we will highlight the reasons why people to this day are so fascinated by the Krays Tour; so much that tourists come every year to take part in it again.

It’s Based on Factual Events

Taking a tour of Disney Land and taking a Krays tour are two completely different things. Unlike many tours that are based on fantasy and myth, the Krays tour is based completely on factual accounts. It outlines the story of twin gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray and how they controlled the East End of London gangland. People always respond well to factual accounts rather than fiction. While fiction can be bold and touch the very extremes of human imagination, nothing captivates the human mind like it’s true past and history. Events like these people can easily relate to because they actually took place.

A First Hand Look At Real Life Gangsters

There is big difference in talking the talk and walking the walk. Today, most self-proclaimed gangsters are all talk and no show. Krays brothers on the other hand did both. They were the real deal. They were real life gangsters who grew up on the streets of Whitechapel and went on to become infamous criminals virtually involved in every major criminal activity including, arson and armed robberies to assaults and even Murder.

It’s Different

One of the most appealing things about Krays tour is that it so different from other guided tours. People tour museums, aquariums, historic landmarks and even castles but a detailed tour about the lives of the most notorious real life gangsters is no doubt both interesting and intriguing.

Entertainment That Is Easy On the Wallet

Entertainment that’s both fun and cheap? You can’t go wrong with that. Krays guided tour would run you about £10 per person; that’s cheaper than the entry fee at some pubs. The low cost is one of the reasons this tour is very popular among college and university students. It’s economical and a great way to spend a weekend afternoon or a boys night out. The same applies to families who are wanting to do something fun.

Feared by Many, Loved by Many

So many people don’t know this but the fact of the matter is that not everything in Reggie and Ronnie Krays lives revolved around crime. They were known for their generosity which garnered the praise of the community they lived in. The irony is that the Krays brothers while being involved in multiple criminal activities and homicide were also loved by the public. The people in the East End of London in Whitechapel and Bethnal Green remember them for their kind hearted spirit and charity work; how they were instrumental in rebuilding that community and assisted people who were poor. When the Krays died, their funeral was attended by the largest turnout in East End history; attesting the fact that the brothers had many admirers.

If you are in London and looking for a fun and entertaining way to spend the evening, Krays Tour is a great option for you can consider. It’s fun. It’s unique. It’s cheap. It’s great for families. There is no reason why you shouldn’t experience it. If you are fascinated by crime or are a fan of gangster movies, you should definitely reserve your spot on the next available Krays Tour.