When you think of east London, what do you think of? Albert Square, Phil Mitchell or the Queen Vic? For most of us, it’s probably all three. Yes, the BBC drama does occasionally give a sense of realism. We might see larger than life characters, like Mick Carter, dressed in a Peacoat and winkle pickers, strolling confidently down the cobbled market street, on their way to the wholesaler for a stock intake. You may hear the regional dialect known simply as cockney-rhyming-slang, as removal men struggle to move the “the old Joanna up the apple and pears” (moving a piano up stairs). Furthermore, you will find a bounty of working cafes, where you can order a traditional all day breakfast, with a side of bubble and squeak, to be washed down with a refreshing cup of “Rosie Lea”; that’s tea for those not in the know, or born within the sound of the Bow Bells. But, what the show really fails to offer us is a sense of history and meaning.

If you want to view the grittier parts of the capital, then what you need is a London tour guide to show you around the real London. With one of our guides, you will get to see, smell and experience areas of London that no tour guide dare show you. Everybody has seen Big Ben and Buckingham Palace on the TV, but have you ever seen the raw streets of Bethnal Green and Whitechapel, where the Kray brothers once terrified locals and ruled the streets with violence. As you walk the “field of wheat” (street in rhyming slang), you will get a taste of what the city really has to offer.

With our Krays tour, you will see architecture that you simply don’t get offered in the city centre, along with a tangible sense of what it was like to live and breathe on the backstreets of London. For fans of Hollywood gangster flicks and idols of the folk legends, this is the perfect way to experience the underworld lifestyle of London’s most famous gangland figures.

With the eastend walks, you will get a first-hand opportunity to see how the city has changed dramatically over the last 150 years. Over seen by modern skyscrapers, east London is a hybrid of old and new cultures coming together. Nowhere else in London will you be immersed into a hive of activity that includes arts, creativity and innovation, whilst simultaneously woven through the historical streets that suffered mass poverty and deprivation.

Feeling as if you’ve stepped back in time, you get an honest impression of the scars London has gathered through the years of blitzing, street riots, suburban expansion and development. After completing your London tour, you will finish off in one of the more popular parts of the East End, Brick Lane. Here you will find a great deal of fashion boutiques, restaurants, trendy bars, and market stalls from you can pick up a freshly cooked duck burger or a “Ruby Murray” (curry) from one of the many Indian restaurants that surround Brick Lane.

So, get on your dancing shoes and get down to the East End for a proper cockney knees up and discover the real London for yourself. Our EastEnd Walks and London Tour guide, will show you some of the most vibrant and colourful parts the capital has to offer. For more information please visit our website!