London, a legendary city, known far and wide across the world and over 2,000 years old. First established as a civilian town by the Romans, Londinium was set up as a strategic location, on the river with easy access to the rest of Europe. Although Colchester was long the capital of Roman Britain, Londinium soon caught up. With a population of 60,000, the city was named capital and continued to prevail for a further two centuries before it’s rapid decline in the 5th Century.

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Some of London’s iconic landmarks aren’t just a pretty face but have some hidden facts and interesting, sometimes dark history, here are some of our favourites.

Big Ben

Did you know Big Ben isn’t the name of the clock? It’s not even the name of the bell (like some would have you believe) instead, Big Ben was the nickname given to the bell during its construction. Although who it’s named after is often under debate. The bell is known as the “Great Bell” and resides in the “Elizabeth Tower” building.

British Museum

The British Museum once had its own underground station, it opened in 1900 but after the development of the Holborn Station, was permanently closed in 1933. During the second world war, the surface station was used as a military office and command post but was demolished in 1989.

Westminster Abbey

Another building that has taken on a different name, Westminster Abbey is officially known as the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster. However, considering the Abbey doesn’t operate like a church, it is more commonly referred to as Westminster Abbey.

Palace of Westminster

Every 5th November on Bonfire Night, Yeoman of the Guard (noble servants) still check under the House of Lords Chamber to ensure there’s no one trying to re-enact the gunpowder plot. Although it’s carried out as more of a custom than a requirement.

If you’ve had your interest peaked by some of these facts, make sure to get out and explore more of London’s amazing past. There are fantastic points of interest and stories across the entire capital to discover. If you’d like to experience a private tour around London’s Westminster or join a group tour, contact our team at East End Tours on 07795 080615.