Ah, it’s almost time for the most spooktacular time of year! If you’ve outgrown playing dress up but still want to take part in the Halloween celebrations, then keep reading.  Our spookiest Halloween ghost tour is back this year and you’re invited!

When you’re younger, dressing up and wandering the neighbourhood trick or treating is a pastime for many, but as you grow older, there appear to be fewer opportunities to really get into the spirit of things. Do not fear, however, as there are still plenty of exciting things you can do to this Halloween that are bound to give you chills like never before.

The London ghost walk, here at East End tours is one of the most adventurous options you can try. From ghostly tales and setting foot in London’s most haunted properties, to ghostly encounters, this walk is a Halloween ghost tour in the truest sense of the word. Brace yourself, because who knows what you might encounter?

Are you brave enough to take the creepiest Halloween ghost tour?

Why settle for anything other than the best Halloween ghost tour that London has to offer?

Imagine walking around the haunted streets of London that hold century-old, dark secrets. Wandering around these eerie locations with ghost experts, digging into the past and probably even bumping into a spirit or two. We can assure you, that just reading this has given you goosebumps. So, come prepared to get creeped out during this 105-minute-long tour.

The popular walk runs every night of the week from October 24th to October 31st, whatever the weather, in true Halloween autumnal style. The spooking will begin from 8 pm, with guests at St. Paul’s underground station so imagine no more!

The ghostly encounter costs just £15 – a bargain that won’t scare you off! If you wish to bring your brave children along, then we also offer children’s tickets, priced at just £10 (up to 11 years).

Book a Private tour for your clan

If you would like to experience the Halloween scare just with you and yours, then the team here at East End Tours are happy to organise a private tour for you, and you alone.  In this private tour, you will have a designated guide just for your group.

The private tour gives you the freedom of choosing your starting point and ending time for the walk. You can head to a nearby pub or restaurant afterward, too, to take advantage of our discount deals up for grabs.

Experience a spine-chilling Halloween ghost tour, tailored just for you and your friends! We assure you, it will be an unforgettable experience – what better way to celebrate All Hallows Eve?

Book your Ghost walk today and kick off the Halloween fever! Get in touch with us for further inquiries.