There is no shortage of cool places to visit in London. In fact, people who come to London usually set aside one or two weeks to fully experience the magical city’s culture, history and of course entertainment.

There is no denying that museums, theme parks and art galleries make for great fun, but nothing is more exciting and intriguing than revisiting the past. There are countless guided tours about different landmarks and places that have played an important role in history.

However, nothing beats the thrill and chills of Jack the Ripper tours. Jack the Ripper tours are extremely popular and on the must-do list for hundreds of thousands of tourists who flock to London all year long, from different parts of the world.

Below, we will mention some of the highlights of a Jack the Ripper Tour. If you are planning to visit London in the future, you should definitely take this tour; it will be an unforgettable experience.

Walking The Streets, Reliving History

Whitechapel has managed to retain most of its late 19th-century look, even to this day. The streets look the same. The street names are the same. Tourists get to revisit all the streets where the horrendous murders took place, and walking those streets will create an eerie and spine-tingling feeling in the bravest of individuals.

Amazing Photography Moment

The Whitechapel of 1888 is brought back to life on the tour, allowing people to see first-hand how people in that era went about their lives. Photo ops are a very fun and informative aspect of the Jack the Ripper tour because there are so many amazing attractions on the way. So be sure to bring your cameras and make good use of your smartphones.

Meet The Suspects

There was no shortage of suspects during that time. So many people were rounded up because they happened to be in the vicinity at the time the Ripper murders took place, but no concrete evidence ever came to light. However, there were some very interesting details regarding some suspects. The tours provide a detailed account of those suspects that were thought to have been involved with the murders. Did they escape justice or were they innocent to begin with? You decide.

Experts On-Hand

Our Jack the Ripper tours are led by enthusiasts and experts that have a vast knowledge of the entire saga that unfolded back in 1888. They are called Ripperologists, indicating their expertise on the subject, and they will provide you with a detailed tour full of good insights.

Hand Held Projectors

It’s always pleasing to see technology making inroads in different forms of entertainment, to enhance it further and enrich the overall experience. Handheld projectors are a new trend that have emerged over the years. They have been used and developed by our Jack the Ripper tour, resulting in our Rippervision.  Rippervision offers valuable information throughout the tour and makes for a more vibrant and exciting experience.

Be sure to check out the Jack the Ripper tour on your next visit to London. It is not uncommon for people to take the tour and come back to experience it again. There is good reason this is one of the most popular guided tours in London, and it will remain a crowd favourite for many years to come.