Amidst the popularity of London tours including street art walks, ghost tours and the Kray’s tour, an app designed by Vassilios Alexiou based on the complexity of street art has won £15,000 in the first Innovation Challenge. This ‘challenge’ per say was run by the Global Society for Digital Marketing Innovators (also known as the SoDA) and is funded by Adobe.

The app is called ‘The Street Art Project’ and allows users to snapshot an image of a building which they can then superimpose another image on to. They have the option to use an existing image from their photo timeline. To do so, the app greatly relies on advanced geo-location technology.

Once an image of a building or location has been saved, users then have the option of either choosing an existing image from their photo feed or to select a design from Behance which is an online portfolio designed to aid the creative. However, you must make an account before signing in to access data from Behance. This software is installed with the capability for user’s to create both in real time and to save their work to be continued later on in the day, week, month, whenever!

Speaking to the drum, SoDA’s executive director, Chris Buettner, said, “The Street Art Project is a prime example of the innovative and exciting work being supported through the SoDA Innovation Challenge. The prize encourages top digital agencies and production companies around the world to take risks in melding the digital and the physical. The Street Art Project is a smart, rich mobile experience that’s free and encourages creativity across the globe.”

The app allows users to edit and position their art on buildings accordingly and could arguably be said to encourage today’s youth to be more creative.

The app is also equipped with a hall of fame option where users can take a peek at other’s virtual street art work along with the option to search for the most liked or viewed murals that have been created. Of course, users are protected under pseudonyms in this app.

While the app has seen a surge in popularity and offers easy navigation, seeing street art from some of the most famous street artists in the world first hand is an inimitable experience and should be enjoyed by many who are seeking inspiration or even a fantastic day out.

East End Tours offers you the chance to see the wonderful works of many street artists who have wandered the streets of the East End, leaving their mark on the buildings that still stand tall today. If you’d like to book yourself on one of our brilliant London tours or you’d like more information on what our tours include, please get in touch today on 078 0306 7544 or email us through our website. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.