London is known for its tourist attractions, its amazing nightlife, and diversity of entertainment. Pick up any top ten list of most travelled cities and London will be in it.

This is because the beautiful city has a lot to offer tourists, as well as locals. To call it a romantic city wouldn’t be too far from the truth. London is home to pretty parks and fairy tale icons like the majestic Buckingham Palace; home to the Royal family and the Queen. Apart from that, there are other forms of entertainment such as guided tours that make for great romantic evenings.

This will be the topic of discussion today as highlight a few unique and popular tours that are great for couples and make for a fun date night. Some of the choices might surprise you, but the fact of the matter is that these are all extremely popular among couples.

London’s Street Art Tour

This is a great tour for art lovers and those who are fascinated by artistic creations. The Street Art Tour shows you some of the finest pieces London has to offer. Roaming through London streets that most people are unaware of, you will see large artistic displays on walls and structures, from amateurs and Banksy alike. So be prepared to take plenty of pictures and enjoy the tales that are associated with each art display, and the artist who created it.

Brick Lane

The Brick Lane Tour is the perfect chance to explore those areas of London that you may otherwise not get an opportunity to wander around. When you pass by the Edwardian houses, you will feel how the old infrastructure has been shying away from the hustle and bustle of modern day London.

It is also delightful to see how Brick Lane comes alive every morning then quietly wraps itself into some of the local pubs, like the Ten Bells which is a famous watering hole used by Jack the Ripper.

The tour lasts for over an hour and a half, and it is full of history, adventure and excitement. At £10, it is a great and affordable option for everyone. Its affordability has made it an instant hit with families and teens alike. Schools even partake in scheduled group tours of the area because it is a great outdoor activity; one that kids of all ages enjoy.

Taking London Ghost Walks

Not a romantic tour by any means, but most certainly a favourite among couples. The Ghost Walks are not necessarily the first choice when it comes to romantic ventures. However, there is something so fascinating about the whole concept of ghosts and ghostly sightings that it is hard not to be intrigued by them.

This is a crowd favourite, and most of the people in attendance are couples. London Ghost Tours will take you on a journey through the very darkest side of the city’s history. Here, you will hear the spine-chilling stories of war, blood and gore as given by our tour guides.

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